5G chips

These are the next generation of chips that will power our smartphones, cars,satellite communication systems,televisions and every single gadget that is available to consumers. These chips will also be used in military communication systems for seamless communication between headquarters and commanders on the field, submarine commanders,fighter and bomber aircraft because these systems can be easily interlinked to a single chain of command with the 5G chip as an enabler. The chips come in different specs as there are quite a number of companies worldwide that manufacture these chips. Qualcomm has manufactured it own 5G chip called Snapdragon which has a processor speed of 7GB per second, Huawei has produced a new chipset known as Kirin 998 which has AI integrated in it and has a processor speed of 6.5GB per second and Samsung has also produced a 5G chip with processor speed of about 6GB per second. Other tech companies are also in the race to produce their own 5G chips mostly for consumer electronics. As the technology continues to mature, more of these devices will become available for public consumption. The introduction of the 5G chip in smartphone and personal computers will greatly enhance their processing power and the ability to process huge amounts of sophisticated data will be greatly enhanced.

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