For the past twenty years there has been a major shift in the way manufacturing is done from the use of humans in the assembly line in factories to the use of robots. Manufacturers say the use of robots in factory assembly lines have revolutionized manufacturing. The robots are said to be more efficient with no mistakes recorded during the assembly of different components to make a finished product. From car manufacturers to shipbuilders robots have changed the way manufacturing is done. The beams of bridges are being cast in furnaces with no defects detected from the finished product. Difficult compartments in ships that used to be welded by humans with drastic consequences to their health are now being welded by robots.Semiconductors are now being efficiently produced by robots. Same with trains, submarines, explosives and other hazardous jobs that were done by humans. Robots are used for impact tests on cars before the cars are approved for the market. They are used for testing space rockets to ascertain their suitability for human use. Robots are fast becoming an indispensable part of human society and as the technology develops further with AI it is important we build in fail safe mechanisms to prevent these robots from operating autonomously.

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