Space technology

Space technology has rapidly developed over the past 50 years when man first walked on the moon. In the 1950s it was a ‘two horse race’ between the United States and the Soviet Union. Now so many other countries have ventured into space exploration and engaged in research and development that have further developed space technology. From the space suits worn by astronauts to the space rockets to carry the astronauts to space,more countries are developing these technologies thus making space travel cheaper and more reliable. Even private companies are developing their own space rockets and vehicles. Some of the more famous companies are Tesla and Amazon but many more private companies in several countries are rapidly developing these technologies. Rockets to move astronauts to the moon from earth are being developed by at least two countries, the United States and China, and there are great improvements in the space capsule which houses the astronauts and is mounted at the top of the rocket. Other space technologies are also being developed such as space stations with China launching a new space station by next year. Then there are satellites for communication in space such as GPS and Beidou which have become even more sophisticated with time. There are also space telescopes to search and find distant planets and stars and even search for extraterrestrial life. On the ground there are control stations with large radio telescopes for listening in space for signs of communication with other beings in space. As research and development continue into this technology more sophisticated technologies will be developed that will carry humans to Mars and back to earth and humans will be able to establish base stations on the Moon from where they can travel to other planets.

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