Quantum Computers.

These are futuristic computers. This because the technology behind these computers are in the testing phase and so have not yet been deployed for real time applications. These computers are said to solve mathematical problems many times faster than any supercomputer being used anywhere in the world. To put it in context, Google says it has developed a quantum computer capable of performing a calculation in 200 seconds that will take a conventional computer 10,000 years to perform. While this claim has been disputed by other tech companies also building or researching their own quantum computers, it shows the potential of the quantum computers. Countries are also heavily investing in quantum computing technology. China which has also built its own quantum computers is also building the infrastructure needed to effectively deploy this technology.In 2017 China launched a satellite into space to be used as an experiment to demonstrate the effectiveness of quantum communications. Conventional computers employ the use of numerical keys to encrypt data. Quantum computers make use of photons. Photons are particles of light and a photon can be made to represent 0,1 and other values all at once. A quantum computer can manipulate these particles to perform many calculations simultaneously, vastly increasing the speed at which it can solve complex problems such as cracking encryption. The 2017 Chinese experiment demonstrated how quantum communications will operate. The satellite beamed photons to two different ground stations 1200 kilometres apart. The photons then became entangled. The entangled photons could serve as unhackable keys to encrypted transmissions. The potential use of this technology in civilian and military applications is enormous. It means that hostile countries will not be able to access sensitive civilian and military information to be used against target countries. This technology is not expected to be deployed until after a decade. However rapid advances in research and development could shorten this timeline.

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